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Social Technologies Challenge Day 2

How is Your Social Technologies Challenge Going?


I wanted to show you my results just after 1 full day of marketing properly. You can see my sites are starting to rank higher in Google’s results.


What are you doing to market your business?

Is your marketing helping you get in front of the crowd?

Are you using all the “Free Marketing” that is available to you?

I would love to hear your responses, comment below.


Love & Chi,

Brandon Krieger



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My Own Personal Challenge- Social Technologies

  Who is up for the Challenge?

I’m sitting here late at night doing some market research and wanted to see how one of my keywords were doing, “Social Technologies”.  You can see the results above, let me explain what they mean just to make sure we are all on the same page.

First this is geographically done meaning no matter where you are on the world you will not see the same results as I do. Google has changed their algorithm to provide us with the most relevant search results. One of those changes is by location.  I tell you this because if you do a search and don’t see the exact same results you might question where am I receiving my search results from.

First the key word “Social Technologies”  which is one of the terms I use to describe all the Social sites, media, networking…etc the are all just technologies to help us better connect with people on a global scale.

Next “About 275,000,000 results (0.19 seconds)”  which means there are 275 million links created by people that are related to “Social”, “Technologies” and “Social Technologies”. Now if you use proper SEO and tag your content, website and/or video correctly you will have better results.

Which means:

Description: Social Technologies

Link/URL: or or any various of the two.

SEO: Alt Tags, Meta Tags, Descriptions…etc are all properly coded with “Social Technologies”

Tags: “Social Technologies”

Relevant content: Written, recorded audio or video talking about Social Technologies in the correct context.  For a quick example if I was to write and article talking about fishing and every paragraph I added “Social Technologies” it wouldn’t be relevant which now the search engines can scan content of all kinds and decipher if it’s relevant.

I wanted to give you a little insight before I tell you what my Social Technologies challenge is.

If you look back at the picture you can see I have put a RED arrow pointing to the links. When you go through the list you can see I am not even close to the top. My website is 4th from the bottom on the first page, now don’t get me wrong it takes people a lot of hard  SEO work, proper marketing to get to the first page.  Which I am going to challenge myself over the next 30 days to crush the first page of “Social Technologies”.

Here is my own personal 30 day Challenge

1) To have one of links rank #1 on the first page of Google for the key word “Social Technologies”

2) To have the entire first page with just my content, of course it will all be relevant information helping people how to use Social Technologies properly.  No false backlinks…etc no Black Hat SEO tricks all proper marketing that I have learned over the years.

Today’s date is February 12th, 2012 and I will do a follow up post by March 12th 2012. Now if I complete the challenge sooner I will post my results before.

Home work for you guys reading this…If you’re in business and want to really get in front of the people searching for the keyword that your customers are searching for. I would recommend you do the exact same thing I am doing with one of your main key words.

I would love to see your results before and after. Send them to me by either post or e-mail @

Let me know if you have any questions.

Good luck 🙂

Love & Chi

Brandon Krieger

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Do You Have Unlimiting Beliefs

Good Morning Everyone,

First let me say thank you to all my family and friends who have been amazing in helping me through this transition period. Change is never easy but if you embrace the change, good things will come.

Today I would like to thank Nikki Hayes who sent me this video of Kyle Cease this morning. As I was saying in yesterday’s post, I was listening to Tony Robbins yesterday and this was just another reminder.

This just goes to show that we all can have limiting beliefs if we chose too. Damn mine came up over the last week like tornado. Or we could have unlimiting beliefs to achieve whatever we want in life. All you have to do is ask the right questions and then put action towards it.

What questions are you asking today to work on your unlimiting beliefs?

Now here is a question I want to ask you. Have you ever really listened to that voice in your head when you ask these questions? Have you take actions on the recommendations?

Here are my questions:

  •  What do I need to do today to make more money?
  • What do I need to do to book more Paid Social Marketing Professional Speaking Gigs?
  • What do I need to do to consult with more businesses on Social Marketing?
  • What do I need to do to have more one on one coaching clients?

What are your questions? I would love to hear them.

Share this post with your friends.

Love & Chi

Brandon Krieger

Motivational Quote  “Never Never Never Give Up” — Winston Churchill

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How to Achieve Business Success….

Good Afternoon Everyone.

I’m having an interesting morning, woke up to this morning with the smell of ribs cooking in my slow cooker for my family Boxing Day party at 2pm today.

While sitting here I have been reading a few Facebook posts and articles.

One that really stuck out was the one from David Ledoux and he was writing about a business proposal he would like to submit to Dana White click here to read more.

This got me thinking about exactly what David was saying, how many of us have ideas that we are sitting on, that we haven’t put into action?

I know one of my core values I have learned and put into practice was this key tip which I want to give to you today, “Speed of Implementation”.

Whenever I had an idea in the past I would let it sit, think about it and then eventually 90% of my ideas I would do nothing with. Now since living by the “Speed of Implementation” I’ve seen so much more success and nothing has held me back from going for what I believe in. Getting interviews on Radio shows, working with amazing business’s and entrepreneurs, there has been so many great opportunities which have developed.

What business ideas do you have on the burner that you haven’t implemented?

Here is an accountability exercise for you; comment below with 3 of your best ideas just something short doesn’t have to be the full idea for example:

“Write my book on The Benefits on Twitter”

“Meet with…”

“Create Goal Setting Coaching Program”

Put your Twitter ID beside your comment and I will also Tweet it out so that everyone knows you are working on the business idea you post. This way there is no procrastinating you idea is out there and people who are interested will be waiting to hear how it’s going.

Don’t forget to comment below this article.

Love & Chi

Brandon Krieger 

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