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The Secret to Overcoming Your Challenges Workshop

Special Guest Instructor

David Cohen

I spoke to David Cohen and he is going to come out on March 24th as a Guest Instructor.  Make sure you don’t miss out David and I are going to provide some amazing insight for 2012 which will help you overcome your challenges.


I wrote a post a few weeks back called “The Secrets to Challenges” where I discussed the negative ego and how to overcome it.

Since that article was published I’ve had numerous people ask me for help with their challenges. This ranges from having problems with their significant other, problems with business growth, not getting the results from Social Media Marketing, to people just feeling depressed and they don’t know why.  All of this made me wonder are there more people going through these types of challenges out there? Are these same people looking for solutions to their challenges but are being overtaken by whatever is going on in their lives.  Or is it even worse; are they going through something and/or things but don’t have the tools to deal with it, they are feeling frustrated, getting upset, even mad at the people around them but feel everything is ok and just saying to themselves “This is just Life”.  Look around you and tell me if you know someone that fits this description.

I’m the Clinical Director and Holistic Lifestyle Coach at Ultimate Sports Therapy working with people with these challenges and more on a daily bases. I work with people to help them overcome these challenges and more in their lives, some of which include;

  •  Challenges with work, career and/or business
  •  Health issues sickness, fatigue, very low energy, inability to heal from an injury
  •  Past relationships coming back in their lives and not in a good way
  •  Financial stress, debit, insufficient income despite hard work
  •  A feeling of despair and a tendency to give up on what feels like a hopeless situation

These are just some of the examples of challenges I have been helping people to overcome.  Here are some of the tools I have given people to get to the root of the problem, understand it, and then take action towards success by facing that challenge head on. then give them action items to see success and deal with that challenge head on. These tools will provide control and empowerment when fully implemented.

We will be covering:

  • What is happening in 2012
  • Why are so many people going through challenges right now
  • How to discern where these challenge’s are coming from
  • The Truth about the Negative Ego
  • Where the Negative Ego comes from
  • Ways to deal with the Negative Ego Head on
  • Work on your personal challenges right in the workshop
  • Then learn how to turn around and achieve success quickly
  • And much more….

I am going to provide a 1 day workshop for people called “The Secrets to Overcoming Your Challenges”. This is going to be a trial workshop because I know so many people are dealing with personal challenges from different areas of their lives. The workshop will for people to personally learn about their challenges, address them head on and then I will give you tools that you can immediately start taking action.

I am also offering at this workshop called another business focused full day session called “The Truth About Business” in which I will be showing people in the workshop the New Paradigm of business, why people are having in their business and/or work, how you can use the tools I will be teaching to identify nature of those challenges, address them head on, then grow your business and community using the “Abundance Model”.

I truly believe that you have to deal with what I call the “I, We and All of your life”.  I am offering “The Secret to Overcoming Your Challenges” workshop first so that, we can take the necessary time to deal with your personal challenges that we discover in the workshop first. Then in the next workshop “The Truth About Business” we will work on the “We” relationships of your community, people around you and your business/career.

If you know anyone that would benefit from attending this workshop, please have them sign up at 

Please share this with your communities

Love & Chi,

Brandon Krieger 

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Really? Are The Answers Right In front Us…

Interesting how at the exact time you need something it is right there for you.  I’m sure we all have heard this from someone at one point in our life. If you ask and listen you will receive the answer, or something along that line.

Yesterday I received a tongue lashing from someone I highly respect and consider a really good friend. I was pretty up set and asked a simple question “What the fuck!” Then a lot crap followed, my negative ego saw a huge opening and it had a field day with me for about 15 minutes until I thought I need to ask a better question.  Which was “What do I do now?” I looked up at my Facebook feed and saw this picture pop up. I was like really! Come on!

I personally know this is how the universe works, if you settle yourself, ask the right questions and listen the answers will appear.

I have been receiving amazing videos, content and just listening to motivational audios guiding me back to a better state.

Which brings me to today. I decided to treat myself like a coaching client that I would work with that basically is at their last straw and needs my help.

First I did a history of what was going on just so I had an understanding how bad it was.  If you understand where they have been you know how much they have learned as well if there are cycles they are going to repeat which might need to be changed.

My Answer– When I was most successful I was chasing my dream but then settled because I got into a relationship and lost that drive that nothing will stop me to be successful, that I would do anything to get to that next level; stay up until 3am in the morning when I had to work at 6am, read and study until my eyes hurt, talk to everyone and anyone about what I wanted to accomplish, go to interviews after interviews until I got a contract, then once I got that one worked there for a period of time I would work on a better contract and then a better one, then one I had was never good enough, I would work my ass of at my contract doing the best job I could, taking extra hours you name it.

My biggest challenge wasn’t the relationships it was me, I settled and didn’t realize it.

Second I asked myself about the present and how am I doing today.  To be compassionate with myself and understand that I might need to vent and deal with some things as well understand my true pain and frustration I am dealing with today.

My Answer– I’m feeling disappointment that I am in this situation again. Kind of confused of what to do and where to go. I know my skill set is this

  •  Warehousing
  •  Security
  • Customer Service
  • IT Work
  •  Social Marketing/ Social Technologies
  • Coaching People

The main ones I want to work towards is Social Technologies Coaching combined with Holistic Lifestyle Coaching.

Third what do I want to accomplish in the next 3 months and 6 months this way I can do some future planning and draw out an action plan on how to get there. Plus I can ask the right questions so that I can open myself up to receive information, assistance if need be and have a clear direction to where I need to go.

My Answer –  What I would like to accomplish is get back on my feet in the next 30 days financially and start growing my coaching clients and professional speaking again. In the next 3 months back to coaching full time and building my business. 6 months I will be in demand because I provide great service, results and people love working with me.

How I am going to do this?

My Answer – Since I have more time on my hands here is my action plan

1) Get a J.O.B. to cover my cost for at least the next 6 months this way I don’t have to worry about finances

2) Market Research – find out what people need help with. See if there is something I can provide a solution for that challenge either by one on one coaching, e-book, seminar, talk, webinar…etc How can I provide help to them.

3) Provide Education- writing articles, doing video’s, seminars…etc this has several benefits which are

  • I get things off my chest and stop holding them in, very therapeutic
  • I’m able to brain storm my ideas and be held accountable because I’m doing a public journal that anyone can read.
  • People I might have the opportunity to work with will see what I can do and realize what type of person I am. That I am honest, hard working, don’t give up and will stay true to my word. “My word is my bond”
  • Help people who might be going through the same situation and don’t know what to do

4) Schedule – Daily blogging and possibly bi weekly video’s depending on content and time.

5) Making a list of companies I want to work with and finding ways of connecting with them that are not through their normal channels. I have a few ideas but one challenge which I’m putting out there to the universe is, in the next 30 days I will personally own a

MAC Book PRo 15inch with

i7 Quad processor 2.5GHz

8Gb 1333 MHz DDR3 SDRAM

750GB Serial ATA Drive @ 7200 rpm

Apple Care protection plan

1 year One to One membership

With the newest version of Camtasia Studio

Benefit— I will be so excited to be able to record my video’s, interview, edit them and post them in 1/3 of the time. Skype calls, Google+ hangouts…etc. It takes me a few hours on my amazing Dell XP and some things that it’s just too slow to do.

Don’t be scared to ask for what you want, you never know how things will manifest, but you have to be willing to put yourself out there at all costs.

That is my rough draft of my action plan and I have a morning meeting with myself each morning until I achieve success.

Are you going through a hard time right now? Have you been your own coach and asked yourself these questions?

I would love to hear your responses.

Love & Chi
Brandon Krieger

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Do You Have Unlimiting Beliefs

Good Morning Everyone,

First let me say thank you to all my family and friends who have been amazing in helping me through this transition period. Change is never easy but if you embrace the change, good things will come.

Today I would like to thank Nikki Hayes who sent me this video of Kyle Cease this morning. As I was saying in yesterday’s post, I was listening to Tony Robbins yesterday and this was just another reminder.

This just goes to show that we all can have limiting beliefs if we chose too. Damn mine came up over the last week like tornado. Or we could have unlimiting beliefs to achieve whatever we want in life. All you have to do is ask the right questions and then put action towards it.

What questions are you asking today to work on your unlimiting beliefs?

Now here is a question I want to ask you. Have you ever really listened to that voice in your head when you ask these questions? Have you take actions on the recommendations?

Here are my questions:

  •  What do I need to do today to make more money?
  • What do I need to do to book more Paid Social Marketing Professional Speaking Gigs?
  • What do I need to do to consult with more businesses on Social Marketing?
  • What do I need to do to have more one on one coaching clients?

What are your questions? I would love to hear them.

Share this post with your friends.

Love & Chi

Brandon Krieger

Motivational Quote  “Never Never Never Give Up” — Winston Churchill

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The Truth about Business…

I have been thinking about how Business works for a long time now. Due to the changes that are happening I am going to give my insight of what I have learned over my journey in business. As well, how you can change your business preparing for the New Paradigm shift. This post is not going to be about large corporations because I believe there is going to be a shift in Big Business as we know it.  It is more for the self-employed entrepreneurs.

The History

I will give you a little glimpse into my work and business history, so you can see I have had many different experiences bringing me to where I am now. You can scroll down past this part to “The Truth” section if you don’t need to know my history.

My work history in the corporate world started when I was 14yrs old. I was working at a McDonald’s restaurant to make money to be able afford to go out with the boys; buy the clothes I wanted…etc. I was having a great time by learning customer service, policies/procedures and working with clients. I saw that the corporate model was very hard to be in because it was very structured and if you went against it you would be fired. I loved the pay off; I was able to get what I felt I needed so I never challenged what I was told for the F.E.A.R. I would be fired. It also started to show me the difference of the haves and have not’s and I wanted to be a have. So I decided to work harder, longer hours took extra shifts which meant I would receive more money that I could buy more things.

I wasn’t truly happy and eventually I became greedy to the point I got fired from McDonald’s. I didn’t steal money, I took food without paying for it which again was stupid, and I understand this happens when you start getting what people call a “God Complex” when you don’t have a deeper value and/or appreciation. I want to clarify this was all me, had nothing to do with my upbringing, the way my Grandmother raised me. It had to do with me not appreciating the value of money and the energy around it. Listening to my negative ego that I heard “it was ok to take the food, you’re their golden boy, you work extra hours, and you could do no wrong”. I took a 24 pack of Chicken nuggets and went and sat in the restaurant and ate them. Not the smartest thing to do right. Needless to say they saw me and I was fired. This was a great lesson at an early age which I never forget.

After that I moved up into better paying jobs, first starting to work warehousing as a shipper/receiver. Then I was lucky enough that I was offered a position as an Assistant Warehouse Manager at 19yrs of age from my Martial Arts Instructor at the time. He was amazing; he taught me a lot about managing, working with staff and how to run a warehouse. The challenge was as soon as he stopped working for the company the system changed which then opened the doors to what was really going on. I found out my previous manager was protecting us from a lot of the corporate politics so we could do our work and be happy. Once he left we were now fully exposed to the corporate information and all the battles he was dealing with.  Eventually the Management decided they wanted to go with a distribution plant and laid us all off. Another great lesson…

At the same time this was all happening I was working Event Security part-time again to make more money. Due to the layoff I took this career to another level to make even more money working as a Fulltime Security Officer at The Skydome now called the Rogers Center. Great job, got to meet a lot of amazing people, see events…etc Again some politics but nothing I haven’t seen before until I decided to go back to school. I worked out with my Security director at the time that I would switch shifts with another Security Officer on another shift so I could go back to school to become a Network Engineer. Which at the time it was  the year 2000 to 2001 where people were making $60K and above just after taking a few courses and I was making about $29,000 a year. So you could see why I wanted to go back.

I was approved, got OSAP (Ontario Student Loan) for my tuition, than paid 80% of the entire tuition which was nonrefundable. At the time the only schools that just had Networking courses were private school no University and/or College had in depth networking training. That is why I had to go to a private school and pay a boat load of money up front. So my tuition was paid, I was ready to go when  all of a sudden I got pulled into my Security directors office and told that she now couldn’t approve the shift changes and I couldn’t go back to school. Well you could understand I was pissed, I confirmed everything with her prior to putting down my 80% nonrefundable deposit. There was no valid reason she provided except she couldn’t approve the shift changes and me going back to school because it wouldn’t work out. Strange how the other security officer and I both agreed to a schedule change, had it all drawn out so it would work. But the director said it wouldn’t work and there was no explanation. This was my first experience of being held back for the greater good of the Business.  Needless to say I quit that week and went to school; I made the decision at that time that no one was going to hold my fate in their hands except me.

It was a hard decision but worth it because I was able to get contracts that pay $18hr, than $25hr+, up to $38hr+ after a few short years being out of school. Now being able to get contracts $200/hr+ but there is more to that. Back to the few years after school, I was working full-time hours and making double what I made at the SkyDome. I was able to buy what I wanted, computers, electronics, travel and live the lifestyle that I felt I deserved. In my mind I was living the dream. But the dream was too good to be true.

When I was working contracts I had my own company and was consulting for Corporations not part of the policies and procedures, just whatever my contract agreed upon. Then one of my contracts was with the Ontario Government which gave me the option to go full-time. This was a hard decision because the mainstream thinking is get a job with the Government and you are secure for life. But my income would be cut in half, I would receive health benefits and work towards a pension plan. The big selling point which I shouldn’t have listened to was “Job Security”. There were a few challenges I was going through in my life at that time, the word around was that contract work was starting to slow down and I was told that I really didn’t have a choice if I wanted to keep working for the Ontario Government. I had to switch from Contract to Full-time status.  So I felt I needed job security so I decided to apply for the position I was already doing. I knew the position inside and out as well the managers liked me at the time, which made it easy to win out against other applicants. Once working there full-time nothing really changed, but slowly there were transitions, rotations of positions, meetings after meetings about meetings. Now I was in the business part of the Ontario Government seeing a glimpse of the inside again, still being shielded by my manager of what is really going on. My Managers were great at the Ontario Government don’t get me wrong it was the system that started to get to me.

I was a Desktop support person who would go around help people with their computer issues. No big challenge, but then the projects started to come out, upgrades, application changes…etc. Which we had meetings on top of meetings about these projects. Then I started to see the territorial and power control come out, not going into details due to confidentiality I started to see  easy to fix challenges be escalated. Not because the resources weren’t there to fix the issue but because the people running the projects wanted control, fixed times, approval from everyone under the sun even people who weren’t part of the project.

In my personal beliefs these were easy fixes and the personal politics did not need to hinder productivity like this.  This became way too much for me so I decided to take stress leave and eventually for my health I quit the Ontario Government. Which taught me there is a lot of time, money spent on internal process and people that can be saved if the ego is left at the door before coming into meetings to make decisions.

Now since I give you a little history enough to show you I have worked on different levels of business from being an employee, Assistant Manager, running my own business, to working for one of the big Corporations not to running my own business again.

The Truth

For you Analytical mind type people who might have read a little bit of the history I am sure you are thinking. That was a waste of time.  What I’m going to say to you next is probably going to be even harder for you to hear.

Business as we know it is changing, it is grumbling at our feet. We are seeing the financial repercussions of it right now, the recession and yes I will say it the depression we are in. People are still losing their jobs and looking for means to survive. A lot of people are transitioning to Home Base Business which I will talk about below.  You can see people are just not happy, they would have stuck it out because they had some sort of reasoning to do so, “the company has a good retirement package”, “I wouldn’t get paid this good at other companies at this time”, “I have to look after my family”…etc. Whatever the reasoning was, has been taken away from 10’s of thousands of people if not millions of people in a blink of an eye when they and/or  people around them started to get laid off. The illusion of job security went out the door.

Now that illusion of “Job Security” we all thought that we had and of course the Corporations wanted you to feel safe, to spend money that wasn’t yours like; Loans for cars, houses…etc. Then feel safe because you had a job that would pay for your loans so you could have nice things. But then BANG! The banks started to call in their loans, increase interest rates and people weren’t able to pay for their Zero down homes, so houses started to foreclose. Companies in turn started to lose money and when that happens Corporations start letting people go so they can save on the cost of employee’s. This takes away peoples sense of value, their security of what they thought they had and now people were and are in a scarcity situation. What do they do! Most people had unemployment, received a settlement package but what you have seen is the unemployment rate is so high people were out of work for 6 months to a year, if not longer. They used up all their reserves…etc Welcome to today’s society.

This is important to know when it comes to psychology and I am not a Dr. and need you to keep an open mind about this.  Just read it this over and you will see that I am telling you the truth.

When you build someone up with certain expectation, giving them goals and providing rewards we will call  “Salary”. People internally feel confident, comfortable in their current living standards and build up a loyalty to the process. When they keep seeing rewards this way they will be more apt to do what is asked from them, plus like me they will push the limits of their finances. By purchasing things they think they can afford because this “Salary” will pay it over time. When this process is taken away from them they just don’t lose the job, they lose the reward that is paying for their lifestyle, their homes, cars…etc. Which then they lose their sense of self and start feeling depressed, worthless…etc. I have personally been there and do coach people who have gone through this as well. It is not a great place to have your life flipped upside down because you and I have done it too. We have invested our control into a Corporation and this illusion that you have an abundance of wealth coming from them so you can spend past your realistic means.

I am not talking from just my own personal beliefs.  This process I call “Control” which if you look at a lot of the Corporations this is exactly the process they provide. This starts in school you are taught to follow direction and when you do you are rewarded. Don’t talk out of line, listen to the teacher and when you are asked a question and answer it right and you will be rewarded. Then you are ranked by grades against the other classmates to start creating a competitive nature. This is for another article but look around you right now. Do you not see that in your work and how you relate to people, how you feel when someone tells you that person is better than you? Don’t you feel competitive? Be honest… I’ve been there myself, especially when I was working contracts in my early years. When I heard another contractor was doing the same work as me and was making $3 more per hour I was pissed.

This is no different from what people are going through in corporate environments. The only difference from school to now is the rewards are higher.  As we grow up we do more work so we expect a bigger reward. With those rewards we purchase bigger ticket items; cars, clothes, house(s)…etc.  Now we need to get more reward “Salary” to be able to pay for everything so we will work harder. See the vicious cycle?

To be honest with you the policies, processes of corporations are just to keep people in line because and I have been there, you don’t want to go against the business because this is where you are receiving your “Rewards”. So you do what you are told, don’t ask questions because you are scared you will be taken out of the process and you will lose everything. They called it “Being Fired”. See how this process controls people and keeps them in line.

People have been seeing this process, I am sure you’re seeing more and more people who are realizing it. That is why you are seeing more people going to MLM companies, Direct Marketing, Home Base business’s, opening their own business..etc. These Home base businesses have been around for years but you are seeing more and more people deciding they have had enough. A few are doing both Corporate and Home Base business at the same time because they want to make sure they don’t take a financial hit which is completely understandable. Like I said you are seeing more and more. When Social Technologies came out these businesses are more mainstream because everyone’s business is online now. Their sales/marketing campaigns are being frequently posted on most social networks. We are being overwhelmed by this type of marketing which is why people are getting frustrated. Both the people working the business and on the other side people who are receiving their posts. The business people are working so hard to get their products/services out on the internet and finding that people are not buying as quickly as they expected. Then these business people come to a conclusion that their business and the Social networking doesn’t work, so they decide to try something else. This is where you will see people jumping from business opportunity to business opportunity, paying $1,000’s of dollars in courses trying to learn how to sell better, do better video, attract more people…etc

They are all good skills to learn but that is not the “NEW Business Paradigm”.  When you understand the new business paradigm you will have more clients than you can work with, you will help not only your client but also your perceived competition which I now call my business friends. There will be no competition and everyone will have an abundant lifestyle, clients will get what they need and everyone will be happy.

First let’s talk about the energy exchange so you really understand how business works on a fundamental level.

Most business’s that you work for looks like this below. The business gets large energy rewards, money, control…etc. You receive very little in true benefits; this is where control takes place. If the business takes the little rewards that you are making then you lose everything like mentioned before.  You might be putting in consistent energy and sometimes a lot of your own personal energy but realistically you are getting very little in return.

When people break out of the above model they normally go into this energy shift and you will find this happens with a lot of holistic practitioners. They go into a mindset that they have to give so much and they receive little in return from their own personal business. They charge very little, they do service really for free, which they feel they are giving back. To be honest this is not the case; they are using all their energy, health, wellness…etc from themselves and draining themselves. To the point they get stressed, give up and even get sick. When the truth is they are amazing people just don’t know how to work with the energy of their business. When the learn how to work with the energy of the business they can take care of themselves and they have lots of energy to give back. That is why the image below you can see that these types of business people use so much of their energy working so hard but get little from their business in return. The business generates very little energy “Money” which makes the person work harder to try to try to get more from the business. This cycle keeps continuing until eventually something gives. Be it the person can’t do it anymore, get sick…etc. Here is what it looks like

With the New Business Paradigm, business and personal energy is equal. The energy you give is the energy you get back to help both keep the energy flowing. When this is working optimally you will see growth, abundance of time and money. Now this is not easy to do it takes proper planning, laying down the foundation and most importantly getting rid of the Negative Ego holding you back. Telling you that there are things you can and cannot do. You might have to do a lot of work at first but if you do it properly the energy will come in and keep you going, as the business grows you will be supported in turn. Which will give you more abundance so you can do more with it.

I know the image is not to scale because I drew it by hand but you can see that the energy is somewhat equal. We are not working more than what our business is giving back. The business has equal energy to us and each is balanced.

Now most of you are asking probably at this point that is all great and all but how do I do that.  Sorry Business coaches, Lifestyle coaches…etc. This information I am providing would honestly cost you $1,000’s of dollars in coaching depending how quickly you are able to learn it and apply it.

Build a Business Plan

Just like a house you have to build the foundation first. Make sure you have a detailed business plan that you will refer back to. First it should be a weekly review for the first 6 months. Then once a month for the next 6 months, after that quarterly is fine to review. This is important because it makes sure you are on track. Business Plans are a whole other beast in its own, if you don’t know how to do one. Here is a quick Tip find someone who is successful in your niche business. Ask them if you could meet with them because you would like to open up the same type of business. Of course be respectful, this might take several e-mails/calls to different companies but I know someone will help you. Then ask them if they wouldn’t mind if you could have a copy of their template of their business plan. You don’t want their confidential information just the layout of how they did their business plan. Companies normally will not give you their numbers and specific details which we have to respect their privacy. All you would like is the template for you to have something to work from and fill out for your business plan.

Time management 

1 hour a day Monday to Friday checking e-mails, social sites, responding back to people. You don’t need to be on these sites longer than that.

1 to 2 hours providing educational information, articles, video’s …etc whatever you feel comfortable with. With the Social Technologies Marketing has never been easier to get your message in front of millions of people.

IMPORTANT! Do not pitch or sell in these educational posts. The goal is to help people first, then provide knowledge about you again not selling and last how to contact you if they need more information. When people get to know and like you. They will develop trust in you which if they need your product/service they will want to work with you. But this takes time and consistency. Think of it like dating you’re not going to want to sleep with someone on the first date; you normally want to get to know the person develop a trust with them. Then the relationship will develop. This is no different in business, which is why we need to be loving and caring. Not a 17 year old teenager trying to get laid when it comes to business.

Now if you coach clients here is another Tip which I had to learn the hard way. Take your time while talking to people, be supportive, answer questions to a POINT and when you feel this should be a session with you be honest with them. If they can’t do it for whatever reason, thank them for their time and let them know if they would like to have a session with you give you a call anytime. This way you are not giving all your energy away and they have an understanding that your time and energy is valuable.  If they can’t afford to sit with you have resources available for them. For example I have this blog, my YouTube Channel…etc where people can still get information to help them. Remember the first goal is to help people as best as you can, making sure there is a balance in energy.

Hours of Operation

Now when it comes to office hours I can’t provide you information on that because each person’s situation is different. That is more a personal preference. But I would say this, make sure you don’t work past 7pm at night if you can, this way you can spend time relaxing, recharging and getting to bed around 10:30pm.


This is a hard one for a lot of people and it is hard to sit down with someone at first and say “To sit down with me will be $100 per session”. Then sitting there hoping they will say yes. When they don’t say “Yes” you feel terrible, then you start to question yourself, is your rate too high, did you not sell yourself properly…etc. I have been there and here is how I over came it.

First write down your expenses per month


Car expenses




Here is a sample of an MS Excel 2007 Template how to figure out your hourly rate.  I want to give you a few parameters so you know how I figured this out.

To get a copy of the MS Excel Sheet click here—>  Template for hourly rate

Here is a break down of the formulas

In the Expenses area

-Weeks are divided by 4 weeks per month.

-The day expenses are divided by 5 working days per week.

-The Hourly rate is divided by 6 working hours per day.

-I provided examples of rates per hour, per day, per week, per month. The year income equation was multiplied the week salary by 48 weeks in the year. This gives you 4 weeks off per year for vacation, training, sick days…etc.

I also added a savings in the row to show you that you must also calculate this into your hourly rate.

This gives you what I call the floor rate, once you have figured this out for all your expenses and costs. You should never ever and I mean never go below your floor rate. If you do then as explained before you are just using your energy.

Once you calculate everything out it might seem a little over whelming at first to try to figure out how you can do this. I know I have been there when I did mine but I will be honest with you it is possible it just takes time, patience and consistent action.

When I stopped chasing money and started truly helping people there was no question about how much my rate was, it was more “when can we start working together”. The reason for that was because people knew my first goal was to help them and the exchange for that was payment so I can help them more. That is why I don’t pitch or sell I answer peoples questions and provide education. Even in a consult with a potential client I ask them about them, answer any questions they might have and then ask them would they like a session. If they can’t for whatever reason I ask if they would like some more resources to give them more information. If they say yes I tell them my rates and we get started.

I know this was a long one and I hope you got a lot out from it.

All I ask in exchange is you share all my posts through your Social sites. This way you help me with my goal which is to help as many people as I can through the 2012 transition.

Love & Chi,

Brandon Krieger 

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2012 Resolutions and Goal Setting…



I hope everyone had a great New Year’s Eve night and has started off 2012 with a lot of motivation and goals in mind. I would love to hear what your goals are for 2012, so please comment below or where you see this post.

Today I want to explore Resolutions and Setting Goals because I see a lot of people commenting on “How to Set Goals” for 2012 but there are certain things I want to clear up that I feel you need to know.

First let’s start off with the “S.M.A.R.T” principal of setting goals, I will give you examples to clarify and what each letter stands for.

Specific – for example if you wanted to lose weight you’re not going to say “I want to lose lots of weight for 2012”. That wouldn’t be specific enough. You would say “I have lost 20lbs…” I will go into why I said have lost vs. will lose later but you can see that the specific part is the “20lbs”

Measurable – When you put a specific number, time or action you can see “20lbs” can be measurable. You can weigh yourself which I don’t recommend as a Holistic Practitioner, but for this example you can use weight scales to see how your progression is going. As well if it’s not working you can fix the blocking factor that is hindering you from your goal. Say it’s going out late, eating past 8pm, eating the wrong foods…etc.

Action Orientated– Now you have to put action towards it. For example working out 2 to 3 times a week, joining a training club, running room, martial arts, dancing, hiking depending on the time of the year…etc. Something that is active that will help you lose those “20lbs” and be fun for you.

Realistic – In this example realistic is something you can obtain. For example you’re not going to say “I have lost 20lbs by the end of today”. That is just starving yourself and setting you up to fail. It has to be realistic enough that there wouldn’t be any negative effects while trying to achieve your goal.

Timed – Timed is pretty straight forward, if you want to lose 20lbs in a very healthy way an example would be doing the actions to help you lose 1lb per day. For this example then you set the completion date for 20 days from the day you start. If you can realistically do it faster say 15 days then set that as your completion date.

The entire weight loss goal would look like this “On September 20th I have lost 20lbs, because I continue to hike, dance and do my yoga classes on a consistent basis…”

That is the basic premise of setting goals but I want to add a few tips and changes so that you can see 2012 are a little different.

First when it comes to wording “I will” vs. “I have”, I will is a future concept which means you are always working to achieve it but never achieving it. I have on the other hand means you already have achieved it even though it is not on the physical form. You are thinking that you have accomplished it, which puts a lot of energy behind it. When you think you have achieved something, do the actions on a consistent basis just as if you achieved that goal, you will see results.  For example do the activities like dancing, yoga…etc, eat healthy food, enjoy yourself. All that action and energy the weight will just come off and no dieting is needed and you are just having fun. But remember you have to put the energy out there as if you were that person who is 20lbs less. Not the same energy as a person holding on to 20 extra pounds would be doing, which brings me to my second point.

What energy are you putting in to achieve the results? I will use the example of money because that is always a New Year’s Resolution/Goal for a lot of people. “To Make More Money!”, correct?

I am sure we have all heard this quote

Insanity: “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results“. By Albert Einstein

Now think of it in relation to goal setting. You can’t use the same thinking, same energy to accomplish this goal “To Make More Money!”. You might use the S.M.A.R.T. principals but you still have to look at the energy you are putting in to achieve that goal as well as the value of your energy.

Here is an example, say I want to make $100,000 more this year. I have said enough is enough and created a goal “On December 1, 2012 I have $100,000 in my personal savings by seeing 20 clients per week, 1 professional talk per month and I have sold 2 books”. What do you think of this goal? Seems like it could be achievable? Maybe you sceptics are looking at this saying No you couldn’t do it, that is not realistic to make $100,000 extra per year.

Let me first show you why it wouldn’t be realistic and then I will show you how it is obtainable. This goes for all types of entrepreneurs and business people reading this.

You guys might have realized I am an analytical type person so I’m going to break down the numbers just to show you exactly so there is no guessing. Again sorry Coaches out there this is probably really pissing you off I’m giving a lot of this information away for Free. If I made $60,000 as of December 2011 and now I want to reach my goal of making an extra $100,000 by the end of 2012 which would equal $160,000 that is a huge raise and seems to be an unrealistic correct.

Let’s say my 2011 schedule is this below, to show you if I keep the same thinking and same energy I will fail at achieving my goal for 2012.

In 2011

I charge my Holistic Lifestyle clients $160/hr and saw an average of 6 clients per week $960 x 48 weeks in the year = $46, 000 (rounded off)

I did a few paid talks at $1,000 per talk x 5 talks last year = $5,000

I created a training course which made $2,000 this past year

I separated my Social Technology Coaching clients rate from my Holistic Lifestyle Coaching rates and started charging $200/hr at the end of November because of the energy I was putting in and value = $7,000

= $60,000 in income for last 2011. These numbers are not exact but they give you a idea of the energy I had to put in to receive the $60,000 at the end of the 2011.

This is not saying I didn’t work hard for my $60,000 and I didn’t deserve it. But I had the energy out to give me exactly what my energy return gave me.

If I use this same thinking, same energy to now try to increase my income to achieve $160,000 by December 1, 2012 will this work? The answer is NO!

What most people will do, and I have been there myself is work harder not smarter. In my old mindset I would work to increase my number of client’s to 20 per week, doing more talks per year at $1,000 per talk, try to write more books, teach more courses…etc. and end up burning themselves out. Now I might make $80,000 at the end of 2012 but now I’m stressed, overweight, seeing a therapist because my back is hurting…etc. Not a healthy situation.

I’m going to show you exactly what I would recommend and don’t get me wrong you will have to try this for yourself.

IMPORTANT! Before making any changes. There are some key things I would point out before you change your systems.

Do not change the rates on your existing clients. If you are charging your clients $160 per hour keep them at the same rate while you work on attracting new clients at your newer rate. This way you keep your base income coming in and there is no F.E.A.R. of losing revenue. Any New client will be quoted your new rate of say $200. One of the biggest challenges is that people try to change too quickly and are not prepared. With change comes a transition phase which takes time so through this phase you want to feel comfortable.

Next do not listen to your negative ego which I mentioned before in the article “The Secret’s To Challenges” . Your mind will try to tell you all sorts of things. That is OK, as long as you prepare yourself, do the numbers and then The Proper Actions you will get results. I mentioned the Proper actions because for example if I want to lose weight I don’t go eat Tim Horton’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner and then blame my personal training because I can’t lose 20lbs in 20 days. If you want to make more money you have to do The Proper Actions to achieve this goal. Meeting the right people, joint venturing on products, helping people, being genuine and not making it all about the revenue but truly helping…etc

I am posting an Article tomorrow morning to complement this one which is called “The Truth about Business…” where I do explain in the post how to figure out your hourly rate.

Let’s get back to the How I would plan to achieve my goal of $100,000 extra by December 1st 2012

First I would look at the energy I put out and the energy I get back, lets break that down.

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching = $160/hr

Live Talks = $1,000

Social Technologies Coaching =$200/hr

You can see just on this simple example that right now my Social Technologies Coaching is where I receive a higher energy return for the energy I put out. Talks/seminars require energy to setup, organize and then implement which to be honest last year’s $1,000 per talk was too low for me and I have increased my cost per talk to a $5,000 minimum per talk. Of course depending on the number of people that will be adjusted and the person I am working with. I do favours for my business friends because the energy in return doesn’t always have to be monetary. Again energy out energy in return.

Next is setting up systems that help people automatically that I don’t have to spend my minimum of $160/hr energy with someone if they can’t afford to work with me. Which I do appreciate, I have purchased books, audio’s…etc because I couldn’t sit down for a 60 minute session with Anthony Robbins at $10,000 per hour. I would recommend you use this approach, make it very easy for people to work with you whatever their situation is. To clarify I mean give them resources that people can go to, don’t give away your energy and time. Provide them with resources that they can use e-books, video’s, blogs, online video courses…etc you have setup. This way you work to set it up then you can direct people to these resources.

Here is how all of this looks.

My Social Technologies Coaching/Holistic Lifestyle coaching is now all one rate of $200 per hour. Anytime someone works with me they are getting all of me in each session. multiply that by 10 hours per week x 48 weeks = $96,000

New Talks quote $5,000 x 5 talks per 2012 = $25,000

Create a product/course that people can take online at their own convenience which will help people who might not be able to sit down with me at $200 per hour. This could be an e-book, online video course…etc

Estimated revenue of online products would be $200 a month x 20 people per month x 12 months = $48,000

Grand Total = $169,000 at the end of 2012.

Now the energy I have to put in is a little more at the start by setting up certain systems for example the online training courses but when I am done they will make residual income because I wouldn’t have to spend my time with them. I can focus on working on one on one coaching with clients and talks/seminars. Working with the community to be able to book the talks at $5,000 per . Then because the way I am setting myself up I will have the time so I can focus  on providing the valued education to helping the people I am working directly with.

Important! With your online systems make sure you monitor them at least weekly because as people start to get to know you and you are truly helping people, more people will come to you for help. This is where growth happens and you will see a lot of businesses are not ready for this growth because they never planned for it. Good place to be 🙂

Remember with this New 2012 Paradigm anything is possible you just have to know how to work with the energy.

Don’t forget to post your 2012 Goals below.

Also if you can do me a favour and share this post with your community in Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus I would really appreciate it.

Love & Chi,




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The Confusion about 2012…

Good morning everyone,

Every morning I wake up with a download of information, ideas are flowing of what I need to write. I believe I know where it’s coming from and feel I need to keep on this journey of articulating what I’m receiving.

Today it was about 2012 and the confusion that is going on with what is really going to happen.

I’m sure there are different levels of people who are reading my posts and I am going to try to address each of them.  I have never laid it out like this before but I am going to do it this way because I feel this will help anyone reading this receive a benefit.

First for the non-believers who think 2012 is just going to be another year and we are going to wake up to go to work. Nothing is going to change and this is all a bunch of Bull Shit! You know what, my analytical mind is with you. I have so many doubts about what is being written, posted, streamed, verbally diarrheaed out that I am having my doubts as well.  If you’re the analytical type, has been at least watching the news and our strange weather patterns. You know something has been changing, could be “Global Warming” or just the planet is shifting…. etc. Whatever that may be I would say be prepared.  Which is the name of the section I have included at the bottom of this post. If you don’t subscribe to all the metaphysical crap, I would recommend just scroll down and get as much as you can on that list. Because say we do have bad weather, the power goes out, at least you are prepared for a bit. Best case scenario is that I am completely wrong and you have some extra canned food to donate to charity for people who need it. Or even better a good camping trip all ready for you to go.  Scroll down now or if you want to learn more read on.

When it comes to the metaphysical information being distributed in the world. There is so much different information about dates, predictions on what is happening and/or what is going to happen. The Mayan Calendar keeps being thrown into the mix. The Apocalypse prophecy of the end of days which if you read it, appears we are heading that way. I am not saying if we are or are not in the end of days, I am not a scientist, a prophet, a psychic… etc. I am just a guy who is seeing a lot of information being articulated with a positive spin but no one is really getting people prepared.

I do agree there is a new energy coming in, things are changing. I cannot deny this simple fact especially with the number of people I connect with on a daily basis. People are feeling it and seeing it at all  different levels. Business people are seeing their business’s changing, their clients are different. The average Jane and John Doe are seeing the change too in their own way. As well the healers, energy workers, light workers… etc, are not just seeing it, they are feeling these changes as well. Some of them who have a higher connection are receiving messages about what is happening and coming to a higher understanding.

Now this is VERY IMPORTANT for my brothers and sisters who are connected like this. Weigh the information you receive, make sure that the information is coming from a higher source then discuss it with others. The reason why I say this and the point of this article is this.  We Holistic people know that change of any kind is hard.  Be it losing weight which we all know you have to change your eating habits and work really hard in a consistent manner over a long period of time.  So you can achieve your goal, hence why it is called “Working out”. Or if you are working on your gifts, you just don’t wake up and bang there they are, then don’t have to do anything to keep them. No you have to consistently work with what you have and be grateful. If you stop, miss a few days, weeks…etc. Then you know you start to lose your gifts. We all know this is true, it takes a lot of dedication and hard work.

The reason why I say this is because the change that is coming up is no different. I have seen/read a lot of light workers, energy workers say amazing positive uplifting things. I have never seen them talk about the Yin to the Yang they are expressing. We all know life is a balancing act of consistent action of 2 different forces. Why are we ignoring this fact and not getting prepared? Or  at least having the conversation.

I will use the analogy of a personal trainer because I’m sure we can all appreciate it.  It’s like you wanting to lose 15lbs and going to see a Personal training for a consult. They tell you they are so excited to meet you, you are such an amazing person with a great goal. They are going to help you lose the 15lbs with no effort at all. All you have to do is think positive, feel good about yourself and come see them a minimum of 2 x per week. Pretty easy right? You think this is awesome and you sign up with them ready to lose those 15lbs. You feel great because you are taking action and excited to come to your first session.  Day one comes and you get up early in the morning because you are so excited, you remember the trainer told you to think positive and feel good about yourself.  You do this all the way to the session.  When you get there the trainer starts to warm you up, tells you about the work out about dynamically warming up, the intense workout you are going to do and you will need to do this for minimum of 30min increasing to 60min sessions each time you are with them.  You go through the workout, start breaking a sweat, your muscles start to hurt ( of course in a good way all you trainers out there) and you are exhausted. You think wow that was hard work, I am tried, exhausted and need a nap.  Now the trainer comes over and tells you now you have to eat a certain way, change all your nutrition, throw out the food you have in your place and go shopping for the new food. The only way you are going to get results is doing exactly what they say.  You think hold on, when I first met the trainer all they said was think positive and feel good about myself. This is all I would need to do to lose weight. But now I have to work out really hard, feel tired, sore, change my entire eating habits, all while thinking positive and feel good about myself. WHAT! That’s a lot of hard work to see change, I thought it would be just positive thinking.

Now that is a basic analogy of what I am hearing about the positive comments. People are saying be connecting to higher self, the light, think positive thoughts, have positive mantras, love the people around you and the earth…etc. This is all good to have that, but there is also the “Hard Work” that needs to be done. Because just like that personal trainer analogy I put you in, if you wanted to lose weight you had to work really hard and make changes.  This is no different in the world we are coming into which if you thought changing your eating habits were hard. Think about changing people’s beliefs on what their purpose is in life. Changing the world economics and how the haves think about money.  Changing how we live our lives each and every day as well how we treat each other. If you don’t think there is going to be hard work and even some resistance you are mistaken.  You can think those positive thoughts and think good about yourself but you are not going to see results. It takes a lot of hard work and having to make huge changes that you might not want to make.

When you look at the people around you do you think they will want to give up their beliefs without a fight? Do you think that if you told them that life is not about self gratitude of making money to survive, but to make money to share and help other people? Do you think they would listen? Do you think the Governments, Big Businesses; Pharmaceutical companies want us to have free will and the choice to make our own decisions? Watch these Movie’s “Thrive” and “Zeitgeist”  to understand the control that some of these systems have on us.  As well to see when I am talking about resistance it might not just be from ourselves but from these other daily influences.  Now I am not saying business is bad I am just saying when there comes change the ones that don’t want us to change will resist. Just like telling a tired 2 year old they have to go to bed and them throwing a temper tantrum. This is no different for the people who don’t want to change.

My entire point to this is be prepared for all the changes weather, economics, people, personal, professional…etc. Make sure you are really connecting with people who are not just telling you all the warm and fuzzy feelings but are also making sure you are ready when there is some resistance to change and what to do.

I believe one of the things we should be preparing for is changes in weather which could cause power outages, no matter where you live. I will be talking about other changes in the New Year as well. If I receive more feedback I will do talks/seminars to help as well, but you have to let me know by commenting below.

Be prepared 

1) Have at least a month’s supply of food in your home to feed your entire family. Yes all you holistic, organic food eating people I am fighting this one as well. I am looking at ways to do what my Grandmother did to preserve certain foods to last longer.

2) 1 to 2 months of drinking water stored up.

3) Warm thermal clothes that will protect you from the cold. Winter hats, boots, gloves, thermal socks, sweaters, long johns…etc Make sure these clothes are truly warm not the latest fashion trend by Tommy Hilfiger. No offence but this is to keep you warm and protect you. Not for you to look good

4) Sleeping bag(s) to keep warm at night

5) An all purpose knife and hunting knife

6) Water proof matches – Pick these up at your local camping store.

7) Candles or Kerosene lamp

8) Emergency plan for family/friends to meet at a designated place if you weren’t together if something was to happen.

9) Update your first aid certifications, good to have just in case.

10) A Nap sack(s) to be able to carry the essentials if you need to.

A book I have picked up is “The Survival Handbook by Peter Darman”.  Which I have thrown in my Emergency nap sack, just in case.

I will be honest with you guys I was fighting this and truly thinking this is all bull shit. But I have seen people going through some hardships, the environment changing, our economy taking a hit and our weather patterns changing.  Which has made me realize I would rather have all this in my place and not having to use any of it vs. the Shit hits the fan and I am struggling to find what I need to keep me comfortable until things pass?

Make sure you share this article by clicking the share icons below.

Love & Chi,

Brandon Krieger

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Happy Holidays and Thank You

Happy Holidays and Thank You!

Happy Holidays Everyone and Thank you so much!

Love & Chi,


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The Secret’s to Challenges

It’s 6:30am again and I’ve been thinking about the 2012 energy shift and the challenges people are facing before the New Paradigm Shift. Pretty heavy right?

In the last few months I’ve heard of people going through problems that would put people in psychiatric wards. It’s like everything that’s unresolved is all coming up at one time. For example if they had debt that they just put in the back of their mind and because they just couldn’t deal with it. Recently the creditors decided to call them on a daily basis if not hourly.  Plus that same person would have issues at work, sickness coming on and people who they thought were challenging in their lives now have escalated. Now they are just being terrible to them for no reason.

I’ve also seen a lot of people passing away over the last 6 months. Normally the rule has been of 3’s from what I have found, but recently it has been the rule of 8+.  I have a theory on that but it’s more metaphysical which I will go into later.

Do you feel the pressure happening? Do you feel something is going on that you just can’t explain but you know it’s something? I am going to explain my theory of what is happening on and what I recommend you do.

First I do believe there is a shift in energy going on. Let’s talk about the physical aspect first.  I am not the type of person to get headaches, but my head has been pounding for the last 2 nights. I know it has been Winter Solstice and there is a lot of energy around these days. I’ve been keeping myself well hydrated and treating myself nightly to deal with the pressure change. I don’t know how many of you are feeling something physical that you haven’t felt before which could be the shift in energy. If you are feeling just off, find someone to connect with, someone who understands Health and Energy Healing, that is trained to be able to help you. They will be able to help you figure out if it’s just the weather and you are coming down with something or do you need to work with someone.

I know there might be some Business people and/or Type A personalities reading this who really don’t believe in this. Please be patient and read below I will get to you guys soon. 

Next let’s talk about the mental aspect. These challenges that are coming up are taking a toll on people’s self-esteem and self worth. Having to deal with all the problems coming up like someone opened up Pandora’s box. I’ll be honest with you it is just that. All your past issues that you might not have dealt with are going to come up NOW! If you don’t believe me ask the people around you what they are dealing with and ask them if they feel it’s normal. I will tell you I have asked that very question time and time again. I get pretty close to the same answer; “This is Crazy”” Why is all this Shit Coming up Now?”“Did I piss God off” …etc.  Now this is just my opinion and I don’t want to offend anyone’s ego or beliefs which I know I will. So if this statement frustrates you Please Don’t E-mail me your frustrations I have enough work to do to help people.  Here it is… This has Nothing to do with a GOD the man in the sky, this is all our garbage we have not dealt with. All coming up at once for us to deal with RIGHT NOW!

This might be a harsh comment but think about the Movie “The Secret”. They talked about the universe will only give you want you can deal with, what you concentrate on will come about. If you think about the bills more bills will come. If you focus on abundance more abundance will come. Well that same universe is getting us ready for a New Paradigm but the only way we can be ready is to not bring our baggage with us. That is why all of it is coming up at once for a lot of people. Trust me I am no different my “SHIT” has been coming up as well. I am no different than any of you that are dealing with their past, except for one thing.

Here’s the secret to what is going on and that is why I have done the previous 2 posts about “The Journey” and “The Truth”. All of these “Challenges” that are coming up are things we need to face head on as best as we can. Now PLEASE do not do it alone, the goal of what I called the “Negative Ego” wants to divide and conquer. When you go and try to deal with a huge challenge on your own and get sucked into it. The “Negative Ego” has won and will start to try to keep you down as best as it can. It will make you feel depressed, tell you stories how you can’t do it, how you are not good enough, how this is all your fault, blah blah blah bullshit!  This is why when it comes to the easy stuff get it resolved and get closure as quickly as possible. When it comes to the bigger issues start connecting with family, friends, support groups, professionals… PEOPLE! Make sure you connect with the right people though, if you find the people you are connecting with are going through “The Shit” as well and are not dealing well with it, don’t jump into their quicksand with them. It just means both of you will sink quicker. Go to people who are having fun, who are grounded, people who know exactly what I’m talking about and are dealing with it. This way you can work with them to get out of your challenges quicker. Then you can work on those main principles of life I discussed in “The Truth” remember? Bring Joy to yourself, then Bring Joy to Others”.

Ok Business People I have not forgot about you :-). When it comes to all these changes going on You and Your business are really one. You are the energy of your business and if you are going through challenges your business will take on those problems. Then you will see flux in profits, staff, clients…etc. That’s why it is important to be grounded and clear personally. Then work on the professional aspect of those problems because as an entrepreneur and/or business owner you are like the Life Coach of your business. You might not be going through challenges but it doesn’t mean your staff, business partners…etc are not. Take a look at the people who you work with, do you feel they are going through challenges, not appear. The reason I say not appear because remember the analogy of the duck in water, on the surface the duck looks like it’s just swimming along nice and calm. But underneath their feet are going a mile a minute. The people you work with might be doing the exact same thing. They might be going through what appears to be their normal day but underneath it is a tornado brewing.  Take the steps to help yourself first and then start helping the people around you. Kind of like that phrase before Bring Joy to yourself, then Bring Joy to Others”. 😉 

I mentioned I would talk about people passing away recently more than normal. Now my theory on this and this is just my personal theory. Is that we all have a soul which we have written a contract for what we want to work towards. As well what we would like to experience. Some peoples contracts are up and they are done their work so they are passing on. Some people’s souls don’t want to come into this time so they leave very quickly. I know this is a hard theory to take in and please I am not saying you have to believe it yourself.  This is just my theory on why so many people are passing away in our lives.

If you have had a loss of someone in your life recently I am deeply sorry for your loss. My belief  is that they are still with us energetically and most of them are here to help us with the work that we need to do.

If you have any questions or need of help please do not contact me… Joking 🙂

For sure contact me and I will do my best to help you as much as I can or refer you to someone in your local area that could.

Big Hug to everyone and make sure you deal with your “Shit”, I know I am 🙂

Love & Chi,


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The Truth…

It’s 6am in the morning and I have had a busy day yesterday.  Some of the challenges of yesterday I just can’t get off my mind because people I see are going through such challenges.  I feel bad from them but I know for most of them it’s their journey to learn from. The hard part of it is I know most of what they are going through is an illusion just like the Movie The Matrix.

 Thanks for the image

We all think what is happening around us is “The Truth” but in reality it isn’t. I am sure most of you are going WHAT! this guys is crazy, let me explain.

Each day we wake up our mind start to work and then this internal voice start to  convince us how our day is, are we still, tired…etc Is it going to be a good day or bad day. As we go through the day this internal voice tells us all sorts of stories.  Someone is mad at us, this person sucks and worse it starts attacking us saying stuff like, you are not good enough, you don’t have time to do blah blah blah.  Some of us have an understanding of it and call this voice in the back of our head, the negative ego, demonic…etc whatever you may call it, it is not The Truth, it is just an illusion of it.

I’m going to refer to the voice as the “Negative Ego” just so we understand each other.

When working with people all over the world I can hear this negative ego tell people stories when they articulate their challenges and the reasons why they can’t do something.  My negative ego overtime has decided to take steroids and bulk up because when I was younger it was able to get into my head and control me. For example when I got married my negative go told me I could do it, I shouldn’t listen to people around me that I shouldn’t rush in, I shouldn’t get married so soon. Take your time, get to know each other…etc Nope my negative ego told me I was  man and these people had no clue what they were talking about. Thanks Negative ego for all your help, 2 years later I got a divorce and had years of going in and out of court.  Which if I would have been present and not listen to the negative ego that I was ready and I could support a family at 20 years old. Knowing what I know now I would have never gone through that, I would have taken my time, I would have made sure I had a good job vs. working 3 to make ends meet.  Don’t get me wrong, good things have come from it, my son, better understanding of relationships…etc But I am sure I could have learned in an easier and cheaper way.

In the past 5 years I have learned about the Negative ego and developed an understanding that I know when it decides to chime in to see if it can’t steer me in the wrong direction. I can catch it about 95% of the time and be able to stop its attack. Don’t get me wrong it is constant work to be on the ball because the Negative ego is like a ninja in the night. This reminds me of a quote from another Keanu Reeves movie “The Devil’s Advocate” was “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.” Welcome the Negative Ego!

 Thank you for the image

It’s goal is to steer you off track, almost like a puppet and it’s puppeteer pulling the strings. The Negative ego wants to make you jump when it says jump, to stop when it wants you too and to hold you back from what I consider is the reason why we are here.  Which if you can really live this simple concept your life as you know it will change. Here it is, the reason why I feel we are here is this

1) Bring Joy to yourself

2) Bring Joy to others

When I talk about Joy this is not superficial joy of a car, house, rings…etc this is true joy which makes you happy, which makes you feel valued. If you can do this for you first and fill your cup up so you are overflowing with joy. Then you can bring joy to the people around you. Help them bring Joy to themselves so they can bring Joy to others. Think of this as an MLM style business we are all so familiar in.  But there is no opt in, you don’t have to purchase any product. You get to try the product for free as much as you want. Then go and tell your family, friends, potential business partners who you know who would benefit from this. Does this sound similar lol I have been in a few MLM’s so I know the lingo 🙂 .

I use this reference for 2 reasons, one we all know it too well on both sides either we have been approached by someone asking us to join a MLM company or we have or are in a MLM company so we understand the reference.

The 2nd reason is because to show you how the negative ego spurs it’s evil little head.

How many of you are in MLM companies read that previous paragraph referencing to MLM type lingo and got upset. Felt I didn’t value them…etc Be honest trust me I was there at one point for many of my business opportunities.  When I was in an MLM company I would have commented on this very post not reading the rest. Trying to prove that this person didn’t know what they were talking about. Then I would try to set up a meeting because I knew they needed my product. I am sure we all know someone who has done this, I know I have… ME!

Welcome to the negative ego because “The Truth” is MLM’s to me is just like any business which I have high respect for and I do coach people how to be successful in MLM type business.  Some of my best friends are MLM’ers and a few are very successful which I have learned a lot from.  They have helped me in my 2 business’s, which is keeping me very busy hint hint any of you thinking to contact me about joining their business. I respect that you have a business and wish you all the best.

Lets get back to the point at hand, The Truth is what is present in front of you.

Now anyone of you seeing a Coach, therapist…etc please apologize to the person you are working with for me because I am going to save you a lot of money right here. I am going to give you a few tips to use when the negative ego rear’s its little head so you can stay on track. This way you can do the 2 fundamental things we talked about before, remember… Bring Joy to yourself and then Bring Joy to others.

If you read Byron’s Katie book “The Work” you will remember the 4 questions

1) Is it True?

2) Can you absolutely know that it’s True?

3) How do you react, what happens, when you believe that thought?

4) Who would you be without the thought?

What do you think is that thought she is talking about? If you guessed it, it’s the negative ego coming up. Byron Katie is just providing you an assessment tool to be able to catch that little ninja at work.  This is a tool that if you use it often you will be able to catch that little guy 95% of the time. Which will save you a lot of frustration, plain and sleepless nights.

Our lives are supposed to be abundant with joy in all area’s of life. If it isn’t abundant then you need to assess where there could be more joy in your life and how you can change to see the joy in those areas. Don’t get me wrong sometimes we are in the fog and need someone to show us the light, I have been there when I was going through my divorce I thought life as I knew it was going to end. I was never going to be successful and that I was going to be tied up in courts for the rest of my life. Guess what it has changed! It took a lot of work and some amazing people in my life but I was able to completely change from IT consultant to a Holistic Lifestyle Coach. To unhappy with life to being happy with everything I have and enjoying life. It is all possible, it just depends on you.

Now, It wouldn’t be easy because the negative ego wants you to fail, it doesn’t want you to succeed. It’s goal is to hold you back to make you sanitary that you still go on but you don’t have any drive. This is what I recommend you make sure when you decide to go through your changes do it with a support group and a team of people who truly understand this. This way you can overcome that negative ego and see success quickly.

I wish you all Love & Chi,

P.S. if anyone see’s the negative ego in a dark alleyway lovingly go kick it in the nuts for me and say that’s from Brandon! 🙂

Post a comment below

Love & Chi,

Brandon Krieger

For more information contact me at

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Unresolved Issues


It’s 5:00am in the morning and I’m having problems sleeping due to there is just so much going on in the world.  So many people are stressed, worried, confused, upset and just feeling things are getting worse. When I talk to people all these unresolved issues are coming up for them. In fact they are escalating to the point it is dragging them deeper.

My training has given me the opportunity to be able to take an outside perspective and really see what is going on for me, as well the people around me. Everyone I talk to knows there is something changing, things are not the same be it in the world or in just their lives. It could be career, finances, relationships, health issues, energy vampires, time vampires…etc. If you don’t know the term “vampire” think of someone sucking your energy or taking all your time. We all have come in contact with these types of people, some latch on and some you’re able to get away from.

As you can see and I think we are all in agreeance that things are changing. Change can only happen when we make room for it. Now if you have unresolved issues guess what, those are the first things that have to go. You have to make room for change and the unresolved issues are going to come to the surface. If you deal with it they are going to go away, but if you suppress it for a bit, it will come back even bigger. The more you suppress it the bigger it’s going to grow. If you let it get to big it will consume you and affect all areas of your life. Trust me on this, I coach people internationally and see it time and time again. In fact when I was going through my divorce that was my unresolved issue and it kept coming back stronger and stronger. Until I just Man’d up and dealt with it. It was one of the hardest most frustrating, tiring challenges I had to deal with. Guess what? It’s over and it hasn’t come back.

I am sure you’re asking ok if I have an unresolved issue how do I deal with it, here are some recommendations I would tell people.

First you have to see how big the challenge is, are we talking about cleaning the garage or are you going through a huge life changing divorce. Depending on the situation you will need more help.  If you feel you can deal with the unresolved issue be respectful to it, don’t get upset and keep emotion out of resolving the issue. Emotions just complicate things and will cause more frustration, especially if you get upset/angry. Have a plan of action and do your best to stick to it. The plan might not go perfect but if you get 80% through the process you can always go back later and resolve that 20%.

Now if you find that it is taking too much time/energy and you’re losing the battle, call in reinforcements.  This is when you ask for help. Now here’s a warning, the more personal the issue the more pride “Ego” you’re going to have tied up in it. Let your ego go, tell it to go sit in the corner and ask for help. Ask friends, family…etc and if the situation is to big call in the big guns, the Professionals.  This way you resolve the issue without getting sucked in and dragged further into it. Remember the goal here is to get your unresolved issue resolved, not drag them on. Trust me when I was going through my divorce I didn’t do it alone. I had my lawyer, 2 really good friends with me through the whole ordeal and my family behind me helping me through the divorce.  I called in everyone, trust me if I had to do it again. Which I never hope I do, I would even call in more people to help resolve the issue even faster.



Here are some guidelines I would recommend and just to recap what I said above.

1) Be kind and compassionate while going through the process of resolving your unresolved issue

2) Don’t let your emotions get involved, set out a plan and implement it

3) Tell your Ego to take a seat in the corner, you need to deal with this Unresolved issue and you need to call in reinforcements.

4) If you find it is dragging you down and you just can do it alone, CALL in THE PROFESSIONALS



Remember life is about growth and community, if you’re not able to grow because of an unresolved issue call in the community to help you.

Love & Chi,

Brandon Krieger HLC, ITIL, PPS

Social Technologies Coach, Twitter Doctor & Professional Speaker

For more information contact me at or visit us at



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Social Technologies Coach – What Brings You Joy?

Working with people worldwide and having my ear to the ground it’s sad to see that with our economy changing that people are not changing with it. When I ask the people I coach “What Brings You Joy”  I get a sorts of answers but when it comes to what they do 30, 40 even 60 hours a week. They hate it, you guessed it, work!  There are some key areas in life that we spend majority of our time and one is work. Then we have relationships with people, significant others, family…etc, exercise, studying if your growing mentally and last but not least entertainment.

Most people can tell me what brings them joy in the entertainment but in those other areas especially over the last few years there are so many people who are just unhappy.  Hopefully you’re not feeling that way and you have been able to get out of what I call the rat race or matrix. But if not there are some things I want you to know.

First lets define Joy vs happiness , Happiness is something that you purchase or possess that can be taken away from you. Joy is yours and yours only that no matter what happens if you have all your clothes taken from you, your house gets burned down…etc you still have Joy.  Plus with Joy if you do it right, you give Joy to the people around you as well which brings you more joy.

To hit this home let me give you an example, happiness for me is getting tech products, iPad, iPhone, clothes…etc  but want brings me happiness knowing I can help people, that I have the knowledge and ability to help people I come in contact with. Now doing get me wrong if everyone on earth was gone and I was the last man standing. I still know that I have that ability and I can coach the most important client I have ever had “ME”. So no matter what happens nothing can take that away. That is just one example of what brings me joy.

Take a look at what is going on in your life, how is your work. Oh, this is very important!!! If your job does not bring you Joy I am not saying quiet right now, but work towards building a career/business that does bring you Joy and the people around you.

I write this article because I see so many people searching for Joy, trying to make happiness instead from monetary growth and just wearing themselves out mentally, emotionally and physically.  This new age of business and marketing is not about how much money you can make. It’s about bring Joy to yourself and the people around you when you really get that life as you know it will change. Trust me I live my Joy each and every day and I am so grateful for the people I have had the chance to connect with.

Thank you All

Love & Chi,

Brandon Krieger,
Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Reiki Practitioner & Professional Speaker

For more information contact me at or visit us at

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What’s Your Passion

Over the last 6 months I have really been going back and forth trying to find my passion. Like most of you out there we are over loaded with information, facebook, twitter, youtube, trying to build our business’s but just can’t figure out what exactly is our niche in this global world.

As I watched how people are interacting you see how people are desperately trying to sell their products/services. Watch twitter, you will see the posts people tweeting ” I can do…”, ” Check out this link I found because it will help you…”,…etc. The list goes on and on of these generic posts to anyone that is listening and really attracting a very few.

That is why you have to find out what you’re passionate about. I am sure your asking ok how do I do that.  You have to get to your core values of what you want, what makes you happy. Then do that each and everyday, be around the same people who are doing the same thing, ask that group if there is anything you can do and sit back and listen.

I watched an interesting Youtube Video with Gary Vaynerchuk explaining how this Social Media/Social Networking era is actually bringing us closer together.  Think of this world now like a small community. In the old days if your Grandparents went to go get a dozen (12) buns from the local baker and asked for an extra bun. The baker would give it to them and charge them for the dozen. If the baker didn’t they would tell the community of how they were treated.  Now take that analogy and put it on the World Wide Web.  Never before have we been able to connect with so many people with just with one post.

Now you ask how is that related to your business, your income…etc Think of a time someone help you out when you were looking for answers, would you go back to them if you had another question. Would you refer your community to them if they were just about helping you. This is something you need to think about before you really get out and start posting your world’s greatest products/service.  See how your passion can help someone else, how your knowledge and expertise can answer a challenge or concern they are having. Connect and make a relationship by asking them questions.  From there you will have friends in your community that will want to help you build your business and that is stronger then just building a list of people you don’t even know.

Remember the cliche that “Blood is thicker then water”. Make your business like a family and you will see it grow.

I want to give you action items to help you out. If you are reading this and are having the challenges above

1) What’s your purpose in life?

– This is a real psychological question and can take some time to answer.  To give you some examples People’s purposes in life have been to teach, to heal, to help people in need to give you some examples.

2) What’s your exercise needs?

– Do you exercise in the morning or at night? What type of exercise do you want to do for example spin class, martial arts, sports team…etc

3) What are your relationship needs?

– Do you want to be in a relationship? What type of relationship do you want? Do you want a short term or long term relationship?

4) What are your educational needs?

– Do you want to keep learning? What is your learning style is it Visual, Auditory or Kinesthetic? Do you like learning by self study, in a class room, one on one instructions…etc? What material do you like to learn about; Health and Wellness, Computers, Finances, Business, Real Estate…etc

5) What are your time needs?

– How much time do you need in the morning to get up and get ready? How much time do you need to work out, prepare your food, spend time at work..etc  just a side not this will help with time management remember each of us only have 24 hours in the day. 8 hours to sleep, 8 hours to work. Then 8 hours to divide up with personal time, education, working out…etc

6) What are your rhythms?

– Are you a morning person or night person? Are you more energized in the morning and feel you are more productive or are you more a night?


Really find out what you truly want and then compare it to what you are doing now.

Next article I will tell you how this relates to your business.

Love & Chi,

Brandon Krieger,
Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Reiki Practitioner & Professional Speaker

For more information contact me at or visit us at

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Welcome Too 2011


Happy New Year Everyone!

It has been a long time since I posted on here. A lot of great changes have been going on as well trying to clear up some things from the past years.

I am sure most of you are like me planing out your personal goals as well as professional goals for 2011.

I am on the same page as you are. I have completed a Goal sheet as usual but I haven’t finalized it because bombs keep dropping.  Like a revamp of my website as well as Ultimate Sports Therapy’s website. Which we have kept the same look and feel because we think a like. Different content but different look and feel.

In the first Quarter (January to April) I am planing on having my e-book completed and ready for you guys to have. I have heard about going through a publisher but I want to have the choice of what I release and when I can release it.

Some tips I want to give you to help you get started on the right foot.

1) If you have anything lingering that you can deal with from last year try your best to complete that project. I find personally that until you do it keeps coming back either physically or energetically.

2) Start setting out goals and action plans on what you want to get completed and here is the key if they are big project don’t pick more then 3 at the most. I personally tell the people I work with focus on one put all you energy and focus into. When you get it completed then move on to the next one

3) Balance out your time. This is key because I have personally getting caught up with work after a long day of work. I have found my self up at until 4am in the morning trying to get something done.  I know it’s hard to put something down I have been there, but my advice and I am talking my own advice is. Work until 8pm at night then disconnect now if your a shift worker and work nights this wouldn’t apply. If you are a normal 9am to 5pm person and are working on a project after ours shut down at 8pm.  This way you can start to slow down and be able to get good rest and repair for the next day.  It is better to have 1 to 3 hours of focused productivity then a weeks work of scared development.

Start with those ones.

Now just a side note I’m going to do my best to be more active here and really share what I know so that you guys have some great content.  I need your help my goal is to get over 100,000 followers by the end of this year. Now I want to get that many followers because if one person puts a comment or shares an idea it can potential help hundreds of thousands of people.  One thing I’m sure if you read my posts prior to this I put everything out there. I don’t care who is reading this, really.  I only work with 8 to 10 clients per week tops so this is not for financial gain. I don’t have the time to work with more. I am working with a clinic as a consultant and helping them grow.  So my focus right now is to help.  If I can put one post and help that many people I know I am using my knowledge for good use.  I have worked with people all over the world which I have seen the stress and frustration they have. Be it physical health, personal challenges or professional. I coach each of them through the fundamentals at first, then individualize their strategies from there depending on their unique core values and legacy.  Now like I said what if you could put up one comment that 100,000 people who are having the same problem who first understand the challenge. Second you provide them the solution you used to over come that challenge and it works for them.  How amazing would that be.

Please post your comments  below

Love & Chi,

Brandon Krieger,
Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Reiki Practitioner & Professional Speaker

For more information contact me at or visit us at


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Why is healing yourself so Important?

Why is healing yourself so Important?

Many of us focus including me when times get tough we focus on money, debit, our wants vs want we truly need. This has lead into colds, flues, feeling emotionally down and over time if not dealt with can lead into a disease.

When you look out our primal instincts the order of importance for our survival is

1)      Safety

2)      Security

3)      Substance

4)      Sex

If these are not met in this order our body starts to try to control this order. If you do not feel safe at your work then your sex drive goes, then challenges with eating and it works back to safety and security until you start to heal.

I see and talk to people all over the world about their personal or professional challenges.   Each and every time I have worked with someone I had to start from the foundation of safety and security. Then work on substance and the rest comes.

Now I write this article today because more and more people are getting sick, having financial problems, going to pharmaceuticals to help and are finding themselves in the rat race.  We need to educate on self care how to take care of our own well being first and then deal with the other challenges. If your stressed, not sleeping well, not eating properly how are you going to solve any problems.  Think of it this way say you are a builder and you are going to build a house. You see a lot open that you can see an beautiful house being built in. You design the plan and start getting to work, as you start building you run out of supplies and challenges start to come up. You have 2 choices one you take a break sit back and get the right supplies for the job and go maybe a little slower. Or you push through using rusty nails, rotten wood, you are tired, stressed and just do not care.

Now here is 2 questions for you

1 Which house would you want to live in?

2 What do you think the health is going to be of the builder after he is finished?

For more information contact Ultimate Sports Therapy at or visit us at

Brandon Krieger,
Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Reiki Practitioner.

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What is Reiki?

Looking back a few years ago if someone would have told me about Reiki and how it can heal someone I would have laughed in their face. Having an analytical mind being in IT (Information Technology) if I could not see it, touch it or feel it was not real.   As well being in Go Ju Ryu Karate for 13 years I understood Chi and depending how you stood and breath through a technique you would get more power.  That was tangible for me, but to have someone just put their hands on me and flow energy through me that could heal me was something I could not believe.

Most books you read will talk about Reiki starting in the late 1800 by Mikao Usui  from Japan and developed from there.  I am going to tell you a story which I want you to take it as just that if you want to believe it as a true story or just a fairy tale that is up to you.

Energy healing as we call it has been around BC (Before Christ). Any history book that talks about leaders and kings always talk about having great healers with them using aromas, oils, toning and energy healing to help the sick.  This has been going on for hundreds of years and being passed down to people who were open to learn and wanted to help people. I’m not going to go into any specifics that is up to you to find out for yourself. Today when a healing happens that no one can explain they call it a medical miracle. Be it the body naturally healing itself through reducing stress, eating the right foods, exercising, resting, and treatments like Reiki.

I am sure you are asking at this point what is Reiki. Reiki is the act of laying hands on the human or animal body to comfort and relieve pain. Through this process if you are more attuned to heal energy could flow through you. This energy is in all of us, think of it as an electromagnetic energy that connects as all too all things. This has been called the Universal Energy or Chi or Ki depending on your background and beliefs.  This energy flows in all living things with a DNA  and works through us to develop our existence. Now with Reiki people who have learned this style of treatment work to balance out the energies in the body by placing their hands on certain areas of the body to help calm and balance the energies.

Does this work? I have read all different posts, comments, reviews as well started treating clients myself just for me to see if it really works. I can honestly say every person I have treated so far has felt something happen and have felt benefits from a Reiki treatment with me.  I have heard that this could be a placebo effect.  I thought that as well working in a clinic with people with real pain and injuries. I have seen things so far that I am still trying to get me head around.

I had one person I was asked to treat who was kicked in the leg training in Muay Thai and ended up with a deep contusion on the outside of his left leg. The Athletic Therapist and hospital both assessed him and told him it would be 3 to 6 weeks to heal.  I treated him once for a 60min treatment and the contusion was gone in 48 hours.  He was back working out within a couple of days.

I had another dancer who was not able to touch her hands to the ground doing a hamstring stretch. She said her calves were just too tight. She has been doing treatment with a massage therapist and stretching daily but it was not helping. I did a 30min Reiki treatment with her and she got off the table as was able to touch her hands right to the floor.  We were both shocked to say the least.

I can go on and on about the stories I have of people I have treated and the results they have found which has really made me a believer.

If you are having any emotional, physical or psychological challenges that you are going through and are not seeing any improvement. As well are not currently working with a Reiki practitioner I would highly recommend you try a few session with one and see how you feel.

If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me

Love and Chi,
Brandon Krieger
Holistic Lifestyle Coach & Reiki Practitioner

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Why Am I Not Seeing Success?

This question I get asked numerous times in regards to health, weight loss, career, finances, relationships, people read all these success books, watch videos, talk to mentors, friends and family but find a hard time implementing these systems. Or they just can not figure out why it is not working.

I have followed many of the great motivational speakers like Tony Robbins,  Byron Katie, John C. Maxwell, Stephen Covey, the list goes on and on. What I have found is that all their information works if you are just are able focus and not listen to your negative ego. The Negative Ego will tell you it does not work, it is way too hard, you are not seeing success so it does not work, it is taking too long to see results. All this negative thinking hinders you from your success. Plus you are not doing it for you, it is to prove something to false ideal vs achieving success for you.  Setting out an action plan that really works.

I had to first work on myself to really get down my core needs and wants to find out who I was as a person. What I really needed to be me and what I really wanted in my life and set the foundation.  This is what I call finding your Core Values and Legacy. This foundation is what I used to set my goals for me to achieve so I was able to live my Legacy.

Most of us including me before I learned this key point, I was setting goals that were not aligned with me. They were material goals that I really did not want to work for or want in my life. When I really figured out what I was willing to do and what my core values where success was easy because I enjoyed it.

Remember if you want to achieve success you have to first look after You and build that strong foundation before you can start achieving your dreams.

Love and Chi,
Brandon Krieger
Holistic Lifestyle Coach & Reiki Practitioner

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Break Through with Tony Robbins

It’s interesting I watch all 6 shows of Break Through with Tony Robbins.  To be honest each show choked me up to watch the show and really relate to the people and see the challenges they have overcome to have their limiting beliefs challenged. Then see them excel to achieve their dreams.

Looking a back at my life and going back through all the challenges I had from at 2 years old my mom was having grand mal seizure’s to the point she had to let me Grandmother raise me because she would have seizures that she wasn’t able to take care of.  Having father around to raise me and teach me. My Grandmother living with her own pain which she turned to alcohol as her support which was our families way of dealing with stress. My Grandfather never around because he was always at the race track and eventually left my Grandmother. Which left her to raise me on her one.  One of my Grandmother’s brothers took the time to teach me how to play pool and would take me out when he came to town just so I would have a male figure in my life. But he died all of the sudden of a heart attack on a baseball field in Acton. Then a family friend my Grandmother knew stepped up and started to take me out and teach me about shooting hand guns in a gun rang. Which my Mom was terrified off but when she learned all the safety steps and how I learned to respect guns she was actually was grateful that I learned how to handle them properly. Especially at 14 years old one of the schools I went too hand some kids from a rough area and I was very street smart because of this. That family friend passed away when I was 18 years old which was hard.

I dropped out of school at 18 to go work in warehousing because I felt I needed money and I wasn’t really good at school. So why not make money.

So at this point you can understand I grew up as a angry child/teenager/young adult. I never was in trouble with the law but had a big chip on my shoulder. I started Karate with a great instructor who to this day I really respect because he saw that I was an angry kid and just wanted to learn to fight. But he say deeper than that and taught me what the true meaning of Martial arts is.

At 21 years old I got a young women pregnant and in the shock of everything I got married and went through 2 years of a truly bad marriage, working 3 jobs trying to make ends meet, not know the person I married as well not really having anything in common with her. This lead into a 4 year long divorce and me not being able to see my son because of a long custody battle.

Then I got into a relationship with a great girl but ended up helping her out financially through school which she ended up not completely and lead to me getting a second job as a bouncer to make ends meet.  Which I ended up getting into a situation at a club which lead to me getting peppered sprayed and falsely arrested for something I didn’t do. After a long court case all charges were dropped and my record was cleared.

I also was in a motorcycle accident where I flipped my motorcycle (CBR 600 F4i) up in Orangeville doing the twisties. Ended up with a concussion and short term amnesia which took me about 3 months to remember the accident.

I injured my lower back and had a herniated disc at L5 S1 to the point I was bed ridden for 6 weeks to the longest episode I think was 4 months.  I went through very low points that I didn’t think I was going to be able to walk.   I finally had the choice to either have my spine fused or find another way to heal my back. Which I was able to heal my back thanks to Carolyn within 3 months.

which leads us up to today

Now I am not telling you this stuff to say oh poor Brandon, I watch shows like “Break Through with Tony Robbins” and I get all choked up because I really can understand what these people are going through and how hard it can be.  How when we are in that situation we can’t see there is a way out and we can do it. When you are dealing with whatever challenge we have a choice to either stay in it and fester in it or make a change to do what we can to get out of it.

I have always fought my way out of challenges because I personally felt that I can do it no matter how bad it gets I never gave up. To the point now I have left all pain and am so grateful that I have gone through the challenges that I have gone through. I’m a true Holistic Lifestyle Coach because over the last 4 years I have healed myself Holistically which is an ongoing process and will never end.

Never give up no matter how bad things may seem.

Love and Chi

Brandon Krieger

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