The Business Strategies Advisory Board

The-business-strategies Advisory-board-Brandon-Krieger-Michael-Beaune-Douglas-Grimshaw

What is

“The Business Strategies Advisory Board”?

The Business Strategies Advisory Board are Presidents of companies from different industries who have come together to provide their years of knowledge and expertise to help business owners succeed in business.

How will this Benefit You?

 The Business Strategies Advisory Board is designed to be your companies board of managers. The reason for this is because most small to medium size businesses do not have the capital to have their own board of managers as part of their company. This can be difficult because business owners of any companies need resources available to them to help them grow their business, make them accountable for their actions and strategize future business growth.

What do you do next?

If you are interested in meeting with The Business Strategies Advisory Board. Please e-mail and Brandon will get back to you to set up an initial meeting to discuss what is required.

 Advisory Board Members

Douglas Grimshaw

Retired – President of Homeowner Realty

Douglas worked as a Ontario Provincial Police officer for 5 years where he was classroom taught the Canadian Criminal Code and The Ontario Highway Traffic Act. He also learned court procedures and the workings of a military system.Then he changed careers and worked 9 years as a Computer Systems Analyst [Systems Analysis: Implementation of new ideas from the top down or the bottom up primarily using computers.] Became familiar with the programming and operation of sophisticated computer systems. In 1972 Douglas saw a business opportunity to become a Real Estate agent with RE/MAX. After a few successful years he developed his own company “Homeowner Realty” which he ran for 10 years. During those years he became an innovator of the Real Estate industry, as he was the only realty company of the time, who incorporated 3 divisions in his business: sales(a dedicated sales team) staging, and maintenance. Douglas’s Real Estate clients saw the benefits of the Staging and Maintenance divisions as their properties sold well over the asking price. During that time he partnered with an Ontario Land Surveyor and a Lawyer to find and develop infill properties. He also sold large properties to developers while attending many committee of adjustments sessions and taking properties to council for re-zoning. Douglas has over 50 years of experience. He has a wealth of knowledge on the Do’s an Don’t’s of developing a successful business. He also understands the importance of the business relationships he has build over the years and to this day still has access to his network of business professionals.

Michael Beaune

President of Bamboo Marketing

Michael has been in the business of marketing for over 16 years; first working and learning for a company (which tripled business under his watch); branching out on his own and finally creating Bamboo Marketing in May of 2006. He has worked with clients on their branding, graphic design, print, direct marketing and promotional product projects providing products and services to help their businesses grow. Michael enjoys working with clients of all sizes – from small, home based business to corporate clients – and offers his experience, knowledge and resources to best advise them on how to market themselves. His success can be attributed to his passion to help people and companies grow, an honest approach to his advice, delivering excellent product and services on time and on budget and having a little bit of fun while doing so.

Brandon Krieger

President of KNSS Consulting Group Inc.


Brandon Krieger is the President of KNSS Consulting Group Inc. and a Social Media Marketing Consultant. He consults with entrepreneurs and businesses worldwide on how to properly Brand, Research and build a massive client base using Social Media Marketing. He also educates his clients on how to properly educate their new client base on the importance of their product and service through their Social Networks. He also shows how to build joint venture partnerships that will help grow everyone’s business organically in what he calls “Community Growth”. His success is due to how fast he was able to grow his Twitter Community and how quickly he has learned how to properly build relationships on his Social Networks using effective Social Media Marketing.

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