What Annoys Me About Social Media Marketing

What Annoys Me About Social Media Marketing

what annoys me about Social-media-marketing

This morning I was working away creating a follow up from a meeting I had yesterday with some major players in the Ontario Real Estate industry. When all of a sudden I receive this message above (click image to enlarge).

Richard Williams sent me a link which I didn’t show in the image because I don’t want to promote it.  I asked him what is the link and good morning in my first comment, then you can read from there what I said, which you can see I lose him because it’s not about making a connecting it’s really about hit it and quit it pitching.

What is truly annoying is this guy has some amazing experts he is following Scott Stratten, James Wedmore, and Gary Vaynerchuk who all teach that you can’t just post a link to someone and expect them to click on it. Even more importantly get them to buy into your product.

I think Scott said it best in one of his video’s; this is like me going into a shoe store and the sales person throwing a shoe which hits me square in the face. Then asks me if I would like to buy that shoe because it will help me look better while I roller blade. I know WHAT! doesn’t make sense right? I don’t wear shoes when I wear roller blade, I wear roller blades. I’m deviating from Scott’s scenario a bit but I want to prove a point here. Then when you ask 3 questions at tops, about the product they answer you shorter and shorter until they just walk away in mid conversation. Then they target another defenseless shopper and christen them with the other shoe  square in the noise and go through that process with them.

This is no different from this guy messaging me out of the blue and saying this link will help me make more money. I should of asked what if I want to make less money? Does this link help me do that or what if I want to make someone I really don’t like make less money, will that link help? Come on!

People have to learn just because we have access to hundreds of thousands if not millions of people with just one post, message…etc doesn’t mean we have the right to disregard we are people. I am receiving more and more of these frustrating direct spam messages that I am going to start calling them out until we as a business community don’t let these people get away with it anymore.

1) We are people that need to connect, if you want to build your business build that relationship first and care about your community (clients for businesses)

2) Ask permission, don’t hit me with your shoe without getting to know me. I might be wearing my steel toe work boots and I throw back with ninja like accuracy.

Social Tools are just tools, they do not give you permission to spam me or anyone else with information they are not interested in.  Build up that relationship first, get to know the person and then ask permission if they would like you to send them information about your product and/or service…etc.

Sales over that past 30+ years has never changed, we just have more information available to us at the touch of our finger tips and connect at the speed of now.

I am absolutely no body when it comes to the Social Media Marketing industry and I have seen enormous amounts of success using Social Media Marketing because I know a few truths which has made me successful

1) Bring joy to myself and then bring joy to others

2) Social Media tools are no different from me being on my phone at home in a conference call with millions of people. The way I act is no different.

3) Care about your community (clients for businesses) and they will help you grow past your wildest dreams.

Love & Chi

Brandon Krieger
Social Media Marketing Consultant

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4 thoughts on “What Annoys Me About Social Media Marketing

  1. I find it crazy how people come in blazing, shouting how they have the latest and greatest and if I want to get rich all I have to do is sign-up. I can only assume they have no idea on how to generate leads.(start a relationship) They didn’t learn. They didn’t take the time to learn.

    The fact is you don’t go out (or in) and start selling. First, find out if there’s interest. Go out/in offering free information on the subject of what you’re marketing. You briefly tell what the free information is about. If they want it, you have interest and you can follow up. If not, you didn’t waste anybody’s time, you didn’t offend, you weren’t pushy, you go away with respect. .

  2. Dawn

    I’m just getting started in the field of Social Media Marketing. I liked your post; however, it was very difficult to read with all the grammar, punctuation and spelling errors. Thanks for the content, though.

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