Mastermind Group on Google+ Hangout with Brandon Krieger

Want to mastermind watch this video below

Please share this video, follow me on Google+ and comment below.

Love & Chi,

Brandon Krieger

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2 thoughts on “Mastermind Group on Google+ Hangout with Brandon Krieger

  1. Hey Brandon!

    I am doing a webinar tomorrow on mastermind groups. I was googling around to see who was innovative enough to have a mastermind group inside Google Hangouts. Congrats to you for being on a very short list of innovative thinkers.

    I want to be included in your mastermind group. I already have you in my circles, but after today you are being promoted to a far more exclusive circle.

    Jerry Hobby

    • Hi Jerry,

      I just added you to my Mastermind Group for Google+ Hangouts on Monday Morning at 8am EST

      When is your Webinar I would love to come out and watch it, see if I can pick up a few tips 🙂

      Talk to you soon,


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