Why I’m an Open Book

I have people ask me over the last few weeks why do I put all my personal information online. Why do I tell everyone what I am going through, the challenges I am having. For example this last week I talked about my challenges with Family Court, how I was up late, the challenges I was going through and still dealing with. I do this for 2 reasons; 1) when I was going through my first initial Family Court case I felt alone, I felt know one understood me. At times it was validated from my friends who couldn’t understand what I was going through. It was personally a hard time for me and I wish someone could support me and understand what I was going through. 2) I do it because I know my purpose in life is to help people, to use my life experience and education to help people overcome challenges in their lives. If I write one post and it connects to only one person who feels that someone understands them, I have served my purpose.

People ask but what about the money, how do you make money through this. First, all of us need to survive, we need to pay our bills, put food on our table and a roof over our head. I don’t focus on the money because my personal belief is this, if I can write a blog post that explains the challenge and provides a solution that helps people then I am happy. If someone needs more help and wants me to coach them then we will discuss monetary value for my time. People who know me will tell you that I will give resources, videos, books…etc before I will have someone personally work with me and when people work with me directly I love to give information and educate people.

As the world is changing and I have been talking about this for a while now, we are a global community that needs to help each other. Boarders, Governments…etc is a non issue when it comes to Social Technologies be it Social Media or Social Networking. At any point of the day you can connect with someone any where around the world. Guess what they have their challenges too and like I mentioned before want to feel that someone understands them, someone has gone through what they are going through and they are not alone. Now if you have the solution for the challenge they are going through they are so grateful and you probably saved them a lot of time and stress of them dealing with their challenge on their own.

I might call myself a Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Social Technologies Coach…etc but at the end of the day that is just my education and experience. I’m a human being who is part of a global community that I personally feel wants to be connected and needs leaders to guide with integrity, be authenticate and are able to say I am not perfect and will learn from their challenges in life.

That is why I’m an open book, my purpose in life is to educate, coach and help as many people as I can.

Love & Chi,

Brandon Krieger,
Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Reiki Practitioner & Professional Speaker

For more information contact me at info@knssconsulting.com or visit us at www.knssconsulting.com

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2 thoughts on “Why I’m an Open Book

  1. I just read your msg. above and after listening to you about social networking I decided to see what your blogs were about. I respect the fact that you are able to put yourself out there and share your experiences. I’ve held in a lot of issues over the last year and have just recently been strong enough to share them and it has helped me immensley. I find it easier to express myself in print so writing definately helps me. Keep it up!

    • Good Morning K. Bennett,

      Awesome comment, the power of release is amazing to be able to express yourself and not hold it in is so healing. Good for you for expressing yourself through writing, I know people like us that have had challenges and have held it in feels like a weight on our body depending the challenge. Could feel like it’s on your shoulders, heart, stomach, back…etc.

      Do you have a blog that you post on? If so please let me know and I will post the link for it.

      Love & Chi,

      Brandon Krieger,
      Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Reiki Practitioner & Professional Speaker

      For more information contact me at info@knssconsulting.com or visit us at http://www.knssconsulting.com

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